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Weigh in on the

Second Special Session of 2020


Thanks for submitting your message!

Now, let's see if you'd like to continue your advocacy:


Testify to the Committee.

Testimony is currently closed...

Watch this space for when hearings are scheduled again!


Make a call.

The third thing you can do is phone your State Representative and State Senator and let them know your thoughts on these concepts.  In Oregon, you are much more likely to be able to speak directly with your elected officials than at the national level.  But even if you get an answering machine or a staff member, leave that message for your representatives nonetheless -- those messages really do get to them.

To find your State legislators, enter your address on this link.  Once you press "find who represents me," a window should open showing who your state legislators are and what their office phone numbers are.

Remember to:

  • Say who you are ("Bob from Corvallis", or "Jane Smith, a Deputy with Washington County").

  • Explain why you're calling (To let them know your thoughts or concerns on the police accountability bills).

  • Clearly explain your thoughts or concerns, and why they matter to you personally.

  • Be courteous to elected officials and staff.

If you know who your State Rep is already, here is an alphabetical list with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


Share this information!

This kind of action works best when many people participate.  Whether using the button below  to share on your Facebook page, or if you'd like to e-mail friends and family directly, please try to get FIVE to TEN people to go through this same process.

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