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Weigh in on the

Second Special Session of 2020





State of Oregon; all law enforcement units

Scheduled for August 10; preliminary hearings began July 29

Directly on the heels of a June Special Session that focused on "police accountability," the Oregon Legislature has opted to have another Special Session focusing on "police accountability" barely a month later.

Preliminary testimony will be taken by the new "Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform" the week of July 27, and then the official session is expected to begin August 10.

The Legislature is likely to consider 6 bills dealing with police reform.  ("LC" number stands for "Legislative Concept," and these will be assigned different "Bill Numbers" once Session begins.)

  • LC 742 (text | summary) Bans use of tear gas outright, other restrictions on various munitions.

  • LC 743 (text | summary) Establishes uniform standards: white or light blue shirt with dark pants.  No external vests.  Exceptions for SWAT/CERT.  Name must appear on uniform.

  • LC 744 (text | summary) Creates "whistleblower" avenue through BOLI for officers reporting misconduct of superior officers.  Protects against retaliation.

  • LC 745 (text | summary) Bans chokeholds in all circumstances, even when an officer's life is at stake.

  • LC 746 (text | summary) Eliminates most collectively-bargained arbitration processes.  Eliminates "just cause" standard.  Establishes state commission to determine standards of conduct and discipline.

  • LC 748 (text) Puts any instances of economic discipline of officers on a publicly searchable database at DPSST.

ORCOPS Statements:

ORCOPS is asking for changes to LC 742 (tear gas ban), LC 743 (uniforms), and LC 745 (chokehold ban).  ORCOPS is asking for NO votes on LC 746 (arbitration elimination) and LC 748 (discipline records)

(Note that these drafts could always change between now and when Session begins... in fact, our testimony on Wednesday has already created some movement on LC 742 and LC 743!)



Send a message.

First, we'd love you to write an e-mail in opposition for the record.  It's helpful to be able to point to plenty of opposition voices when we're down in Salem.

It's easy with this form.  But if you'd prefer to send from your own e-mail account, e-mail your own legislators (find out who that is with this tool).


  • Include the specific LC number (like "LC 742") of the measure or measures you're e-mailing about somewhere in your message.

  • Be firm, but polite.  Lawmakers take notice of citizen input, but are not generally swayed by rudeness or cursing.

  • Be careful about what personal information you include.  These communications are public records.  It is OK to send a message using only your first name, but please do not submit any false information.

Abbreviate this if you do not want it on the record.

Abbreviate this if you do not want it on the record.

Thank you!  Your message has been submitted!

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