Accountability Initiatives

Oregon’s initiative system allows any voter to sponsor an Initiative Petition.  These petitions are circulated to other voters for support and, after garnering enough signatures (about 112,000), they are placed on a General Election ballot for consideration by the entire electorate.  If they pass, they become the law of the State of Oregon just as if they were passed by the Legislature. The next eligible election is 2022.

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Protect Free Speech and Safe Streets Act

“This measure will do two things: First, whatever elected officials' mood is day to day, the rules for protests will be clearly laid out beforehand and transparent for all parties. Second, it will also provide a clear way for members of the public to actively weigh in and help create a plan that reflects the standards and values of their community.”

- Anil Karia (Chief Co-Sponsor)

This measure would:


Require local governments to create a transparent plan governing peaceful protests on public rights of way that includes:
• Reasonable time/place/manner restrictions,
• Clearly noting unacceptable/riotous acts,
• Prohibiting blockades or destruction of property, &
• Detailing use of munitions by law enforcement.


The measure also prohibits fees for allowing such an assembly and requires any involved law enforcement officers to display identifying information.

It provides for civil actions to enforce local governments' responsibilities.


Ethics in Politics Act

“ORCOPS supported HB 4205 ("Duty to Report") this past summer because we want our members to be held to a high standard. We’re happy to lead by example.”

- Daryl Turner (Chief Co-Sponsor)

This measure would:


Empower the existing State Ethics Commission and make it more independent from the State Legislature, which it is meant to oversee.  The measure would:
• Allow for the independent writing of ethics rules,
• Strengthen sanctions so that lawmakers could not appeal for a reduced penalty, and
• Allow the Commission to recommend removal from office (though that's still the Legislature's final decision).

The Measure also requires lawmakers to report other lawmakers' violations of law to the Commission if they become aware of the violation.


End Immunity for Politicians Act

“IP-10 allows Oregon to take a broader view of racial inequity.  Where’s the accountability for the politicians who are creating these laws that are being implemented? We can’t recognize that institutionalized racism exists at all levels of government and then decide not to address the upstream causes.”

- Daryl Turner (Chief Co-Sponsor)

This measure would:


Eliminate “qualified immunity” and other personal liability protections for:
• State Legislators,
• City Councilors serving cities with a population over 500,000 residents, and
• Public employee disciplinary boards for Cities with a population over 500,000.

This means that these individuals would now be able to be sued personally for damages if they violated someone's Constitutional rights.



Print (and Staple) It!

After downloading the signature sheets by clicking one or more of the green buttons, print them out and staple the pages for each measure together.

(Click here to download all of them at once)



Only print on standard white paper.

Only print single-sided.

You must staple the text of each measure to that measure's signature sheet.


Sign It!

Read the instructions and then sign each initiative twice near the bottom of the first page.  (You can sign one, two, or all three initiatives.)


Only registered Oregon voters may sign, and only one voter may sign each form.


Your signature should be the one you use for official purposes.  (Like the one on the back of your Driver License!)

Your address should be the address where you receive your ballot.  (If you don't receive a ballot you're not eligible to sign.)

Leave the "Sheet Number" blank.


Send It!

You can give the completed form to an appropriate volunteer coordinator, or just mail it back to:

Ridgelark Strategies / PETITIONS

1980 Willamette Falls Drive, #120-293

West Linn, OR 97068

If you have multiple sheets from other people, you can put them all in the same envelope.  Just don't forget that it might require extra postage.


File the Petitions
Once drafts are filed with the State, they will be assigned petition numbers and signature collection begins.

"Sponsorship" Phase
Each measure must collect at least 1,000 signatures in order to show that the measure is viable. 

Receive Official Titles
A hearing and review process produces the official ballot titles (a short description of each measure).

Submit Signatures
Each measure needs to collect and submit just over 111,000 more signatures from registered voters.

If everything is completed on time, the measures will go to the November 8, 2022 ballot to be voted on.


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