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HB 2002

allowing trespassing, theft,
dangerous vehicles


Background: HB 2002 began as a broad set of reforms of Measure 11, which didn't have the support to pass.  Then, on April 30, an entirely new set of previously-unheard provisions were proposed as amendments the only policy hearing occurred less than a few hours after that, shutting the public out of the process!

The new provisions of the bill span 45 pages and include a lot of program funding and other provisions that will be discussed in the budget committee.  But there are some very concerning provisions that will not have any further hearings:

Prevents the arrest of a person for Second-Degree Criminal Trespass (example: entering your home property or car and refusing to leave), Third-Degree Theft (example: stealing less than $100 from you), and a number of other crimes.  Instead, the legislation instructs the officer to "persuade the person to discontinue the conduct" before issuing a citation.  (Section 8)  Even if an officer attempts to issue a citation, HB 3164 already severely limited the ability of officers to issue citations, so it would depend in large part on the offender not simply walking away. 

Prevents officers from pulling over a vehicle with faulty headlights or taillights.  (Section 10)



Fill out the form below to send a message to your lawmakers opposing HB 2002-A!  Keep in mind that whatever you send may become a public record.  You do not have to use your full name.  If you would like a response from your officials, an accurate e-mail address is necessary.

NOTE: Even if you don't want to give your full name, please do NOT pretend to be someone else.




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Personalize your message.  Let your officials know who you are, where you're from, and why you are concerned.


Be polite.  Your elected officials will be much more impressed with a reasoned message than a rude one.


Don't worry if you're not an expert on details...  neither are many of the Legislators!  They hear from experts all day long, but your voice means much more as a constituent.




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Your elected officials actually do like to hear from real constituents like you.  Unlike Congressional offices in Washington DC, your State Legislators in Salem might actually be the ones to pick up the phone!

Even if you talk with staff or leave a message, remember to be polite but firm.  Be personal and describe why you think public employees shouldn't be cut out of the process.

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