LEOAdvocacy.com is a gateway allowing law enforcement officers, families, and the general public to weigh in on key legislative issues in Oregon.  The site is made possible by the Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (ORCOPS), representing line officers and deputies as Oregon's largest law enforcement organization.



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2021 Legislature

ORCOPS is currently tracking and reviewing over 1,000 pieces of legislation, most of which have little no no effect on law enforcement.  Currently, active public outreach alerts include:

House Bill 2930
Eliminating arbitration protections

Senate Bill 621
Cutting collective bargaining rights

HB 2931 and HB 2932
Mandatory medical exams for arrestees and use of force database

PAC Fundraising

There are no active fundraising campaigns at the moment, but if you would like more information about making a contribution to support ORCOPS political agenda, click here.


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